I strive for images that are overflowing with emotion, yet have the capacity to transport one to a beautiful, tranquil place. There’s a certain Zen that strikes when you catch nature at just the right moment, and I feel this every time I’m out in the field, no matter where I am in the world. More than anything, I hope to pass this sense of serenity along to any and all who view these images that I feel blessed enough to have experienced and captured.

For me, wildlife photography is a bit of a sacred ritual. Particularly, I seem to find birds and the pursuit of them a bit like meditation. Ironically, even though you’re on the hunt for a fleeting, specific moment, your focus is so complete that it transports you to a timeless, almost transcendent place where hours can go by without you even noticing.

Without planning it or knowing it would happen in advance, I have found myself launched on a five year journey around the world – from Iceland to Costa Rica, Tanzania to British Colombia, Patagonia to Nepal, Florida to California, and everywhere in between. I’ve named this exhibit Finding Light because somehow out of one of the darkest experiences of my life, I’ve stumbled into a sprawling, overflowing new sense of the beauty that exists in the world all around us – as long as you’re willing to look. In June of 2014 my son was in the hospital fighting for his life in Santa Barbara, California. Naturally, I flew across the country to support him as quickly as I could. The process was long, arduous, and challenging in every sense. Yet, to fill the spaces in between the seemingly endless surgeries and hospital visits, I needed something to take my mind off it. So, I picked up a camera, and that is where this story begins.

During a truly tragic time, my life took a wonderful, abrupt turn down a path I never envisioned- all through the simplicity of a camera lens. Light truly came out of darkness and it’s no hyperbole to say my life will never be the same. In this spirit, I hope my work brings some of this light to you.